Faith Matters

Congratulations to all students and staff for your work in Religious Education classes and your involvement in the many other faith experiences that are central to our education here at Padua. It has been a long term, and the last part of it has been very wet and cold and not at all Spring-like even at its end, but the enthusiasm of everyone keeps the Spirit’s flame alight.

Reflection for the week

Our reflection for this week is a piece of art that was bought by the school from Biddy Bunwarrie, an artist in the Warralong Community that our students spent time in earlier in the term.

Biddy Bunwarrie says she was born in the desert north of Sand-fire. She likes vibrant colours. Her paintings are often very geo-metric and song lines about her life, growing up and travelling from place to place with her mother. Biddy says she was six years old when she walked from Broome to Port Hedland with her mother, eating bush tucker along the way. Many of Biddy’s paintings are about her ‘place’; ‘maps’ of her land, the waterholes and spring waters that run under the land. Biddy is a woman of character; she has a sense of humour and likes to dance. She takes care of her grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

This painting is called ‘Mapping My Country’

Michael Harrison
Deputy Principal: Mission & Community