Deputy Principal's Report

Uniform Changeover (September 1st – End of Term 3)

1st September marked the beginning of Uniform Changeover, students are now able to wear either FULL WINTER Uniform or FULL SUMMER Uniform until the end of Term 3, however, students are asked to not “Mix and Match”. I would also take this opportunity to remind all students that they need to wear correct PE uniform only on their scheduled PE Days with particular note that black leggings and black socks are not part of the Padua PE uniform. If students do not have correct PE uniform  we ask that they please come in their normal school uniform and get changed into PE gear before PE lessons with an  note explaining the situation. Thank you to our families for your support with maintaining the great look of the College Uniform, having daughters at Grade 5 and Grade 3, I understand it can be a bit of a rush some mornings to find clean and dry uniforms. This is a good opportunity for our young people to take on some personal responsibility and we certainly encourage them to do so.


R U OK Day

Thursday 14 September is RU OK Day which will be marked by a Morning Tea in the Ursula Frayne for 7-10 Students and a chance for students to catch up. The idea of the day is for students to connect with those around them and to keep an eye out for those who may appear to be going through “tough times”.

The R U OK foundation says in their own words…

Our mission is to inspire and empower everyone to meaningfully connect with people around them and support anyone struggling with life.

Our goals are to: 

1. Boost our confidence to meaningfully connect and ask about life's ups and downs

2. Nurture our sense of responsibility to regularly connect and support others

3. Strengthen our sense of belonging because we know people are there for us

4. Be relevant, strong and dynamic


The R U OK message links in with our own Padua Core Values:

* We welcome and affirm

* We inspire growth of the whole person

* We create a love of learning

* We build positive relationships

* We embrace diversity

* We show compassion for those in need

* We reconcile and forgive

* We work for a just and peaceful world

In particular, we recall that we embrace diversity and we offer compassion. This applies to those both within and beyond our Padua Community.

Every day, but especially in the lead up to R U OK Day, we keep in mind that we have many members of our Padua Community who come from a range of backgrounds, including, race, ethnicity, family context, cultures and gender. We embrace this diversity and we understand that sometimes, despite our best efforts, individuals can sometimes feel like outsiders. Research shows that some students are more susceptible to Mental Health issues as they struggle to determine their identity, including their gender identity. It is important therefore that we ensure all our young people know that they are valued and loved for who they are and that this love is unconditional and unwavering.

Wishing you all continued blessings.

Stephen Veneris
Deputy Principal | Head of 7-10 Campus Mornington