Student Achievement – Lewis Warner

Congratulations to Lewis Warner (Year 11 John XXIII) who went to Los Angeles last school holidays to co-write, direct and produce a short film titled “Earth to June,” with brilliant results!

Lewis was encouraged by his family to collaborate with his aunt, Natalia Warner (who is involved in the filmmaking industry and based in LA) to go to the USA to be involved in creating the 10 minute film.

Their aim was to enter the short-film competition held by NASA and the Houston Cinema Arts Society, titled "CineSpace”. Filmmakers around the world are involved in the competition and the idea is that their short films should be inspired by, and incorporate, actual NASA imagery of space gleaned from their telescopes and robotic spacecraft exploring the solar system.

Lewis was involved in all aspects of creating “Earth to June”,  being the director of photography and involved in the lighting, sound, shot list (including diverse locations and angles of photography), hiring equipment, recruiting crew members, sourcing music, and finally editing the film from 8 hours of footage down to 10 minutes!

NASA will judge the films on “creativity, innovation and attention to detail: the same hallmarks of spaceflight,” and Lewis is hoping for a cash prize and the opportunity for their film to be shown to audiences both on and off Earth (on the International Space Station.)

Lewis is studying Media at Padua College with Mr Di Paolo, and hopes to continue in the field of filmmaking beyond school. Lewis is also finding that being involved in the project has benefitted his writing skills, noticed by Ms Jacinta Watson who teaches him English at Padua.

Unfortunately due to copyright restrictions we can’t unveil Lewis and Natalia’s film just yet, but meanwhile we hope you enjoy some of the stills from the production.