Bunjil makes his nest at Padua

Year 7 students across the College are currently exploring the themes of Creation and Stewardship in their Religious Education studies. As part of the inquiry they have explored the Creation stories of our own faith and those of indigenous groups around the world. One of the key figures in the stories of the Kulin Nation (the tribes from around the Melbourne area) is Bunjil. He was their creator spirit who became an eagle and still watches over us. A Bunjil nest is a symbol of the care that we should show for the environment. Each Year 7 student was asked to write a message of support on a stick that they collected from our gardens. These sticks were then fashioned into a nest shaped by Year 7 Rosebud students, Rebecca Spear, Ava Bruynen, Steve Antony and Liam Wallace under the guidance of Mr Ange Virgona. The nest will take permanent residence at Rosebud Campus on the rock in the middle of the flag poles from Wednesday 6 September.

Peter O'Halloran
Rosebud Faith Coordinator