World Religion Expo at Rosebud

The World Religions Expo at Rosebud was extra special this year. Not only was the student’s work of a very high standard but we also had a special guest. Ms Gagan Kaur from the Sikh community in Keysborough took time out of her busy schedule to visit.

Gagan walked around the stalls chatting to students about their knowledge of World Religions. She was very impressed with what she saw and heard. Before leaving, Gagan congratulated the students on their knowledge. She told them that they were very fortunate indeed to attend a school that allowed them to explore not only academic but spiritual studies.

Students and teachers from younger year levels were also treated by this experience. The Year Tens had selected one of the World’s major religions to research. They then presented this research in the form of an Information Stall. The stalls were decorated with posters and artefacts from the chosen Religion.

On top of the visual, the students were also expected to display their knowledge. Each student had researched six questions. These questions were placed on cards for visitors to ask. The Year Tens were expected to be able to answer in detail as all of the questions were of an open ended nature.

The World Religion Expo at Rosebud has now been running for a number of years. The constants that we see every year is that students gain an appreciation of the History, Rituals and Ethics of a wide variety of Religious groups. It promotes tolerance of traditions that are filled with beauty, love and peace. The fears and stereotypes that are promoted by media and some leaders are allayed. It is truly a worthwhile educational experience.