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Meet the Principal... Parent Engage, Consult and Advise Evening

This evening is an opportunity to meet and talk through a range of Padua issues with our principal, Anthony Banks. Anthony is always keen to hear parents’ ideas and perceptions about the education of their daughters and sons, and so we are greatly looking forward to hosting parents on this night.

The date for this evening is Tuesday 19 September at the Tyabb Campus.


Parent Forum - The Resilience Project

This week the Padua Parent Forum Group ran an evening with speaker Hugh van Cuylenburg, founder and director of the Resilience Project, on how we as parents can help build resilience and positive emotional well-being in our children. The evening was still to be held as I am writing this, and a full report will be in the next Parent Page, but can I take the opportunity to thank all the parents involved in what I am sure was a wonderful event.


Parent Cooking Evenings

Thanks so much to all the parents and family members who gathered at the Mornington Campus last week to prepare meals for families who are experiencing difficulties. It is very evident on such nights that we are part of a wonderfully supportive community here at Padua. Great thanks to Michele Fatchen who orders and prepares the food to be cooked, and to Sarah Hansen for co-ordinating the parents.


Parent On-Line Resources

Headspace is running a campaign regarding communication between parents and their young people, particularly fathers and their sons. It describes the campaign… “A lot of things go unsaid between young people and their parents, especially when it comes to mental health. Our Fathers Campaign aims to open up conversations between parents and young people, particularly fathers and sons, to help identify mental health issues and raise awareness of the support services available.”

There is some important and easily accessible information on a range of issues do with this on their website, which I would highly recommend to all parents: -

If you find a great on-line resource, please email it through on the address at this end of this page.



Parent Group Meetings

The Parent Group meets to co-ordinate a range of activities for parents in the Padua community. Activities include the Parent Forum and the Arthurs Seat Challenge. We also discuss areas of parent interest or concern within the college. 

The Parent group will meet on …

18 October 7.30pm (Mornington Campus – Staff Room)

28 November 7.30pm (Mornington Campus – Staff Room)

Please note that Parent group meetings in Term 2 were at Rosebud Campus and Term 3 at Tyabb Campus.


Parents Cooking Evenings

Parents coming together to prepare meals for those in our community who are in need. The next evening will be held on Wednesday 1 November at 7.00pm (Mornington Campus)


Arthurs Seat Challenge

Sunday 12 November - set aside the date! Last year, the Padua College team placed second in numbers participating in this great community event, and this year we would love to see even more Padua parents, students and staff participating. Watch the video, or go directly to the link below to register to either run in Team Padua or volunteer at the event. Help keep our kids safe on the roads.

Link to the promotional video:

Link to join the Padua team:


If you would like to email me with any thoughts, questions or suggestions, please feel free to do so. I’d love to hear from you.