Trocaire Award Winners

Tiffany Gibbs

Year 11, John XXIII

 For showing initiative and independence when volunteering at the ECaT Expo.


Elle-Rose Dunn

Year 10 Teresa

For her happy disposition, full of gratitude for what is offered to her at Padua.


Calin MacLennan

Year 11 MacKillop

For his enthusiasm for the VCAL program at the recent ECaT Expo evening where he answered many questions. 


Alyssa Sutton

Year 10 Mannix

For her support of her peers particularly to students who are new to the college.


Aaron Langley

Year 10 Goold

For his outstanding Leadership at the Goold House Mass. 


Oliva Hour-Lim

Year 9 Romero


Miah Coillet

Year 9 Romero

For the beautiful way they represented Padua at the Teen Chef competition at St John’s Dandenong.

Not only did they secure 3rd place but were nominated for the being happiest chefs on the day.


Zara Birt

Year 7 Kolbe

 For her smiley and sunny disposition in homeroom, her friendliness towards others

and her willingness to help her homeroom peers.


Kirra Struthers

Year 9 McCormack

For showing leadership and being a supportive member of McCormack House.