Principal's Comments

I cannot feel anything but pride in Padua College after witnessing the performance of Beauty and The Beast. It was truly an amazing show, with over six months of planning, teamwork, sacrifice and dedication culminating in three days of absolute celebration for our College.

To provide the opportunity for 166 students to be involved in the cast, crew or band was, in itself, a wonderful achievement. To see the smiles of pride on the students’ faces (and their families) after the show symbolises the journey, the guidance, the partnership and the growth of the students involved.

To the staff involved, I cannot thank you enough for  giving up so many hours after school, on weekends and on holidays, to co-ordinate the rehearsals, build the sets and make the amazing costumes... full credit to you all, including the many people have worked behind the scenes.

To our magnificent and energetic Director, Kylie Donnelly, and all of her team, congratulations. The sense of teamwork was no more evident than at the end of the final show, when it was a case of "many hands make light work” taking apart the set in next to no time! Again, congratulations to all involved.

Bring on the 2019 show!