World Religions Excursion

Last week Year 10s across the College embarked on their annual World Religions Excursion. Students visited a number of local Temples and Mosques to hear firsthand what these Religions are really all about.

Some of the places of worship included the Sikh Gurdwara in Keysborough, the Medicine Buddha temple in Frankston and the Ahmadiyya Muslim Association in Langwarrin. At all places the students were warmly welcomed by the members of the community. They were then given presentations to explain what the Religion was really about.

This excursion is such a valuable experience for our students as was summed up succinctly by Matt McLean from the Rosebud Campus.

“I think it was great being able to visit and learn about other Religions. There is such a mysterious, anxiousness about them.  Yesterday, I learnt the truth about the Religions from a reliable source and realised that all religions are based on peace instead of violence like it’s portrayed in the media.”

Thank you to all students who attended these days for showing respect and interest in the information received. The College can be very proud of you all.



Peter O'Halloran
Rosebud Faith Coordinator