Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning

VCAL staff are working hard to provide our students with opportunities to develop skills for a changing workplace. Our goal is to equip our students with personal and workplace skills to gain meaningful employment in the future. In particular, our integrated project approach to learning focuses on developing our students’ communication, collegiality and creativity skills.

Year 12 Urban Camp

Our Year 12 VCAL students recently attended a 3 day camp in Melbourne’s CBD. The Year 12 VCAL staff team designed the camp to be an immersive experience for our students and we couldn’t be happier with the outcomes. The camp focused on Community issues, specifically the very visible challenge of Homelessness, mainly because of its links with a number of related issues such as: mental health, drugs, and poverty and housing affordability problems. Our students were extremely receptive to the walk and talk activities conducted by the Salvation Army and Urban Seed. All students were required to have at least one street conversation and, while this was a great challenge for most of our students, almost all achieved this goal.

Highlights: Two of our students, together with Padua Staff member Stewart Irving, spent almost 30 minutes speaking to a homeless man who made money by giving directions. Staff spent a truly productive hour sharing a coffee shop chat with a small group of students on the topic of homelessness. For most of our students a deeper understanding of homelessness lead to more empathy towards those who are living on the margins of our society. Upon their return to school, our students became actively involved in identifying and planning community projects focusing on needs in our local area.

Year 11 Community Projects Launch

This semester VCAL students are required to undertake applied learning activities focused on community. During the first week of this term Year 11 VCAL teachers launched a range of community-based student projects addressing the IT needs of local senior citizens, recreational needs of people living with a disability and the need to address environmental concerns about plastics in our oceans. A fourth project will focus on building a serenity garden at Padua College. We have already seen these project teams working productively together, displaying teamwork, leadership, problem solving.

(Front) Logan Conway (Back) Brayden Jeffs

(Left) Taylah Binaisse (Right) Caylee Bennett

(Left) Brayden Jeffs (Back) Logan Conway & Connor Vincent (Right) Tom Marshall


Jamerson Ross

We congratulate Jamerson who has accepted a full time Auto-Marine Apprenticeship. He thoroughly enjoyed his work placement as part of his Intermediate VCAL program this year and is definitely ready to step into the workplace.


ECAT Night

Two of our VCAL students (Calin MacLennan – VCAL Leader and Tiffany Gibbs) were particularly helpful towards Year 10 students and their parents during the recent ECaT Expo evening and we thank them for sharing their VCAL experience and advice.


Applications to undertake a VCAL program in 2018

Any current Year 10 or 11 students who choose a VCAL program for next year will be interviewed by the VCAL and Pathways Coordinators. Students who are new to VCAL will be accompanied by a parent/ guardian in this interview.