Mornington Year 11 Academic Awards Assembly

Year 11 Aacademic Award Recipients

Congratulations to the many Year 11 students (listed below) who received Semester 1 Academic Awards at an Assembly in the first week back of Term 3. At the Assembly it was acknowledged that there are some Year 11 students who do a Year 12 subject, and that there are no awards given at half year for those students. Awards for Unit 3/4 subjects will be given at the end of the year. Please note there is also no award for Year 11 Ethics at mid-year as this is a year-long subject. 

 VCAL has only two awards at the end of Semester 1 and one student achieved recognition for getting an award in both subjects. Congratulations to Amelia Smith, Year 11 John XXIII who received both VCAL Awards!


Year 11 students who recieved 4 or more Excellence or Achievement Awards in a subject: