Sustainability at Padua College

Padua College is onboard "ResourceSmart Schools" - an initiative of Sustainability Victoria - and is currently working to complete its first of five modules. On Monday 26 June, Emmanuelle Delomenede, a representative from a partnering organisation named CERES, spoke with the staff to establish our School Sustainability Policy and offer support for the completion of our first module.

We must be mindful of our usage of resources such as electricity, gas, water and paper. One easy tip to avoid excess energy consumption is to set our heating and cooling devices to the appropriate temperatures: between 18-20 degrees in winter and 24-27 degrees in summer. These guidelines are endorsed by Sustainability Victoria and will ensure a comfortable and environmentally responsible classroom or household!

Finally, as part of the Padua community's efforts to reduce the amount of litter in the yard, Mrs Roeding and the Junior School Council have launched a project to paint some of the bins. The objective is to decorate 50 bins with eye-catching images and quotes which celebrate nature and promote the importance of looking after the environment.

Tash Albers, College Captain