Year 7 Rally Day Rosebud Campus

Twas almost a new moon on the 21st of June

The shortest day of the year

It would appear

No not an apparition with the grey clouds hovering above


The rain would come as a sprinkle just to tease

The year sevens were prepared and responded with a yes please

Bring it on they said

It may be cloudy with the rare glimpse of sun shine

And the annoying drizzle to dampen our feet

But we stand strong and we will not succumb to an early defeat


They threw, caught, kicked, ran, jumped and slid

With laughter and smiles and any discomfort hid

At the end the green rose to the top

A proud bunch that little lot


Teresa                  1st           126

Assisi                     2nd          124

Doyle                    3rd           115

Chisholm             4th           99

Brad Byles
Sports Co-ordinator Rosebud