Deputy Principal's Report

A Coat a Scarf and a Beanie

Last week we received an email about a young lady who is making a difference in the lives of others. So how does one go about making a difference in a world that can defines success by position; income and or material wealth? A world that lives in the ‘instant of the moment’ and can be so quickly superseded by another, ‘instant moment.’ Jemima Smith a Year 7 Teresa student at Padua Rosebud decided in 2016 that she wanted to make a difference and a difference she did:

“Jemima was a Social Justice Leader at St Bernard’s in East Coburg, Melbourne. In 2016 Jemma decided to run a Coat drive at our primary school to collect coats and winter woollies for the homeless, refugees and also for women and children at a local shelter. Jemima involved her class and other Social Justice leaders and together with the help of our Parish Priest, teachers and school community they collected and delivered over 220 coats, scarves, beanies, blankets and winter woollies. We invited Jemima back St Bernard’s to speak at the school assembly and launch the 2017 Coat Drive, which is now named the ‘Jemima's Coat Drive.’ Jemima spoke to her former peers on what last years’ experience meant to her.” (St Bernard’s)

Social Justice achievements do not belong only to the big players such as Multicorporations or Institutional Church Organisations. Social Justice begins with individual acts of kindness and sacrifice. It is said that Amnesty International began with just one letter being written out of concern for injustice. How apt it is that Jemima is in Teresa House, as the Teresa House Patron began her own social justice cause by making a difference in the lives of individuals on the streets of Calcutta. The Teresa House Blanket Drive in support of St Vinnie’s Winter Appeal has extra enthusiasm behind the cause this year.


Year 10 Exams

Year 10 are to be thanked for the diligence and seriousness taken with their half yearly exams. The students were well versed in exam protocols and expectations and this will go a long way in familiarising the students with future exam sittings. Year 10 also have much to thank Mr Trembath for his Exam website which is well worth visiting:

The students received excellent guidance for their exam journey.


Plain Clothes Day

On Thursday 22 June, students and staff were ‘Out of Uniform” raising funds in support of the Caritas Australia Africa Emergency appeal to support the famine stricken South Sudan. United Nations agencies recently declared famine in parts of South Sudan and it is a famine that is likely to spread. The Bishops of South Sudan have issued a plea for help.  Every coin helps!


This week at Padua Rosebud

The Year 9 History excursion went to the War Memorial on St Kilda Road on Wednesday; meanwhile the Year 7s had their Rally Day where campus cousins intermingled. On Thursday Beauty and the Beast rehearsals continued and SIS Sport took place. Friday has our Drama Elective class with Mr Helisma visiting Our Lady of Fatima Rosebud to entertain the primary students and staff with a self-scripted play called, “Charming Charms the Rapper,” a fractured fairy tale based loosely on ‘Rapunzel.’  Drama after all is about self-expression!

Term Two is a long one with the coldness of winter settling in.  Students will receive a well-earned rest at the end of next week but until then it is business as usual.

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