Deputy Principal's Report

With Unit 1 and 3 now at a close, our attention turns towards reflecting on the work completed in these Units as we jump into Units 2 and 4 respectively.  The Year 11 Exams provide commendation of what each student has achieved and been able to apply from class under VCAA regulations, providing recommendations from the teacher and self-reflection on areas for improvement moving forward. Taking the time to critically analyse the exams and not just the final result allows the student to drill down into concepts learnt and their ability to apply knowledge under exam conditions. An essential skill in the pursuit of academic excellence for all future assessments.

All Year 12 students will be attending the TRAG (Teenagers Road Accident Group) presentation on Tuesday 27 June. This community funded event is the culmination of the 3 year program that all students at Padua College are involved in. The day provides students with first-hand experience from emergency services, parents and victims of road trauma in the role they play. We know that drivers aged 18-25 represent the highest percentage of deaths and accidents on our road and our commitment as a College to reducing this is actively supporting these programs. A Care Monkey letter has been sent and I ask that you accept the invitation and continue the talk with your student about road safety. For some this program may be confronting. If this is the case please contact your student’s House Co-ordinator if you feel a further conversation is required.

The Year 12 VCAL Personal Development Skills classes have been working preparing their sister school project proposals. The 3 most outstanding proposals were presented to College Principal Mr Banks, Vice Principal Teaching & Learning Ms Kelly McGurn and College Business Manager Mr Russell Saunders, to be critiqued and a single project given the green light for actioning. Holly Taylor is to be commended for her outstanding project that now goes from the planning phase with Holly herself being the team leader in seeing this proposal come to life. As a College we look forward to welcoming the staff and students from Antonine College in Coburg to our school in Term 3. Will Faska, Mat Elvey and Terry Woolcock are also to acknowledged for their presentations that were highly detailed and thoroughly planned.

The Year 12 Formal was a highlight for many students and allowed for the coming together of the cohort to celebrate the completion of Unit 3. More information on the Formal is in this edition of the Paduan from Ms Gina Goss. Ms Goss, Mrs Debbie Clarke and the team of student helpers must be congratulated for their tireless work in preparing such a memorable night.

As always, I encourage all parents to continue to be active member of the Padua community, engaging in conversation about what topics are being studied in class, keeping abreast of upcoming events and making contact with subject teacher as needed.