Little Steps Fundraiser for St Dominic Savio Orphanage, East Timor

This term the Gold House Cluster (Francis, Assisi, Clare, Anthony and Geoghegan) are aiming to raise money for the 100 girls of the St Dominic Savio Orphanage, Venilale, Timor Leste, in order to provide financial support to purchase a pair of shoes for each girl. The money raised will be sent to the Orphanage, so that the shoes are purchased in East Timor from local providers. This will not only give the girls a pair of much needed shoes, but will put the money will go into their economy, promoting local businesses. 

The fundraising will largely be collected through the attached Try Booking Link,  where donations from students and families can be made. You are encouraged to share this with family and friends as the need in Timor is great. Cash donations will also be gratefully accepted by Home room teachers. The fund raiser finishes on 28 June.

Please view video here: 

We thank you for your continued support of our East Timor fundraisers. We hope that your contribution will continue into this new and exciting project.

We look forward to sharing with you the response from the girls of the orphanage- smiling faces and shiny shoes.


Yours sincerely

Frank Colcott | Assisi House, Mornington

Ryan Gingell | Clare House, Mornington

Marnie Kavanagh | Geoghegan House, Tyabb

Sheryl Paton |  Anthony House, Rosebud

Peter Harte | Francis House, Mornington 11-12 Campus