Year 11 & 12 Important Information

Year 12 classes are scheduled to proceed as normal until the last day of VCE semester one on Friday 16 June.

There is one exception: NO Year 11 or 12 Classes will run on GAT DAY on Wednesday 14 June. Students studying a Unit 3/4 subject will be coming in to school at the normal time in the morning and attending PACA as usual for sign in and materials check prior to going into the GAT. 

Year 11 students have been advised that Units 3 & 4 classes will run during their Year 11 exam period. During the Year 11 exam period the priority is for Year 11 students to be in exams, however where possible if students do not have an exam they should attend their Unit 3 & 4 Class. The priority for Year 11 students at this time is the Year 11 Exams.

Year 11 students are to be commended on their positive attitude and conduct for the commencement of the Semester 1 exam period. With a 4 day break coming up in between exams (Friday 9 June – Monday 12 June  inclusive) it is hoped that students find some time to balance their schedule with study, rest, exercise, family time as well as some favourite things to do during this busy time.

The majority of Semester 2 subject changes for Year 11 students have been processed with letters confirming changes made filtering back to students and parents. There is still some work to do to accommodate some students where classes are oversubscribed or at maximum numbers, however this work will continue over the next week.

Information regarding the GAT and Year 11 exams has been emailed to students on their school email address. Students should take some time to review these emails to ensure they are aware of the requirements during this time.

Upcoming Date: VCE Units 3 & 4 and Senior VCAL Oral Reporting will be held on Tuesday 27 June from 4-7pm.