Deputy Principal's Report

“Have we lost the art of conversation?”

An AFL footballer’s response last week when asked about social media.


Padua Rosebud Year 9 students welcomed Stef and Lachie from Brainstorm Productions who performed Cyberia on Friday 2 June. Teenage relationships can create angst and pressure to conform to behaviours that a teenager knows can conflict with their personal and family values. No easy solution here because teenagers (for generations over) have faced the same dilemma and it can take a moment in time or an incident that leads to peer pressure taking hold over one’s code of ethics. There is of course now another layer of pressure that is prominent in a teenager’s life. It is a silent pressure that comes not so much from verbal conversation but from an obsession with connectivity to a 24/7 world.

Cyberia tackles the consequences and fall-out of improper social media use to this 24/7 world. Year 9 students received the message on the anxiety and hurt that an obsession with social media can cause. Cyberia is a true story involving real people. The story impacted one family so much that they wanted the story of their children to be made into a play, hence Cyberia was written and is now performed to Year 9 audiences in schools across Australia. At the half way point of 2017 Lachie and Stef have performed Cyberia in 200 schools.

Cyberia - A True Story

Ruby loses her moral compass on blogs, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and MSN. She is instantly banished to "Cyberia."  Ruby’s brother Tim is in self-imposed exile, so obsessed with playing online games. When they indulge in cyber bullying and or anti-social behaviour it creates havoc in their real worlds. They realise they can't just press the "undo" button to retrieve their relationships, reputation, dignity and most of all their privacy. Ruby gets caught up in gossiping and making up rumours to get back at another peer who has hurt her feelings. But even worse Ruby uses Tim’s email account to send the rumour and he takes the rap. A web of intrigue develops as relationships crash and lessons are learnt… the hard way.

One of Tim’s lines in the play is a poignant moment, “Can you believe it, my nanna wants me to take her out for tea and scones.” Tim forgets that his nanna has wisdom to offer her grandson - she is aware of his obsession with internet games. By the end of the play Tim thinks that having a cup of tea with nanna is not such a bad idea! Cyberia a true story, struck a chord last Friday.

Three questions are worthy of reflection:

1. Have we lost the art of conversation?

2. Did Cyberia resonate with Year 9?

3. How does Cyberia impact in other ways at Padua Rosebud?

Year 9 students have been asked to take the conversation from the Mercy Room to the family dinner table. The conversation has already begun with the Student Leadership team who are discussing the place of connectivity to a 24/7 world.

Mercy Scholarship

In 2016 Monique Machin was a worthy recipient of the 2016 Mercy Scholarship. This scholarship is for a student who exercises genuine care of others; is active in support for others; is involved in community service and takes a stand on human rights and social justice. Knowing Monique as we do she will carry the baton of this Mercy spirit throughout her life’s journey.  Monique also received a copy of the Deng Adut’s The Story of a Boy Soldier, to inspire her to never lose sight of her dream to make a difference in the world. Catherine McAuley will be smiling down from heaven!

Padua Rosebud (social) Parent Group

Thank you to the parents who joined Becca and Linda at the Coffee Morning on Friday 19 May. It was a good opportunity for parents to meet and connect. Different ideas were discussed and activities suggested such as, a monthly book club (held at night, starting September); a dad's night out; a movie night; a mum's night out and an end of year family picnic at Padua. The next meeting will be on Friday 16 June 10.00am at a venue yet to be determined. Closer to the date a Caremonkey invite will go out to Padua Rosebud parents.  A message from Becca and Linda, “We'd love to hear from more Padua Rosebud families! If you are unable to attend daytime events, but would still like to be a part of the group, let us know as we will be holding events at night as well.”

Primary School Connections

The Principals of Our Lady of Fatima Rosebud, Mrs Monica Coyle and St Joseph’s Sorrento, Mrs Ellie McGuinness and I met last week to discuss the practical ways where connections can be strengthened between both primary schools and Padua Rosebud. Suggestions will be discussed with our staff and Student Leadership team. Early days, but we all agreed on the importance of working together for the transition of primary students and for the betterment of the holistic nature of a Catholic school.

How to keep calm and connect with your teenager - FREE Parenting Course

Good Shepherd is offering a four-week interactive parenting course for parents and carers of 12-18 year olds. This course helps take some of the stress out of parenting.  Living with Teenagers is an interactive course facilitated by an experienced group coordinator, with a background in counselling and adolescent art-therapy.

WHEN: Tuesdays 1:00 – 3:00pm. One session per week for four weeks from 6 to 27 June.  Afternoon tea provided.

WHERE: Wallaroo Community Centre 6 Wallaroo Place, Hastings.

The sessions include:

* Evidenced-based strategies for connect­ing with adolescents based on the latest research;

* How to connect with your adolescent based on their stage of development;

* How to take a positive approach to discipline and communicate effectively with your child;

* Parenting styles and a reflection on your role as a parent.

Please register with Gaye Hart by phone on 03 5971 9444, 0439 576 690 or email

Long Weekend

Teachers are now collating assessments and completing Semester 1 reports over the next two weeks. This Friday 9 June is a student-free day which runs into the Queen’s Birthday holiday long weekend on Monday 12 June.  Classes resume on Tuesday 13 June and the final three weeks of school for the term will be busy and are an opportunity for students to finish off their excellent work for the semester.

PS  Term Two is a long one. Teenagers need plenty of sleep. A suggested home trial - No iPads or phones in bedrooms when ‘lights out.’ The results of such a trial could be very interesting!

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