Parent Page

As we head towards assessment and exam time at the end of Semester 2, I hope all is going well in your households and your daughters and sons are not feeling too stressed about the work ahead.

It’s always useful to have some strategies up our sleeves, so if you are wanting to be forearmed, a good resource is this general advice from the Parentline resource …



Tuesday, 13 June at 7.30pm (Rosebud Campus)

It would be wonderful to have as many parents as possible to the second of our meetings this term, again at Rosebud Campus in the Library.

The agenda for the meeting is set out below. We will continue our conversation about ways of further engaging parents in the school, and we will have some ideas presented about this. This meeting is also our ‘work’ meeting to organise the range of events and activities we have in planning.

The agenda for this meeting includes:

  • continuing our conversation about ways of further engaging parents in the Padua community at school, campus and house levels
  • organising the Parent Forum in Term 3
  • co-ordinating the school’s involvement in the Arthurs Seat Challenge in Term 4
  • other business as required

As always, if you would like to email me with any thoughts, questions or suggestions, please feel free to do so. I’d love to hear from you.

Michael Harrison
Deputy Principal: Mission & Community