Year 10 Moving Forward Day

The Moving Forward Careers day for the Year 10 Rosebud students was held on Monday 8 May at the Bayview Church.

The day was filled with sessions and information about Careers and Pathways which gave the students lots to start thinking about when planning for their futures.

We heard from guest presenters from Monash University  and Chisholm TAFE.

Some responses from our students about the day  :

“ I learnt about lots of great university and pathway opportunities “ Madelene Brownlee

“I liked learning about the TAFE and how it can lead to university, while I previously believed it didn’t. “ Yonnie Mayer

“I thought the day was very beneficial. I liked that the staff from Monash and Chisholm came to talk to us as it gave us an opportunity to see where we can go in the future. It was a fantastict day for us to start thinking about what we want to do after school.” Teagan Hemmingway

“It was a great chance for everyone to know more about how they are going to plan for their future. It allowed us to think about our options in the future” Sona Thampi

“ They showed us that there are many opportunities for all different things to do in our lives. It was a great day learning and preparing for all our different futures” . – Angela Nativo