VCE Update

Term 2 is always a busy one for VCE students with many assessments on the calendar, outcomes to complete and Exams scheduled. Exams are compulsory for all Year 11 Students doing Units 1 & 2 subjects. They are held during both the June and November Examination periods, and form very important preparation and skill building for the rigour of external exams in Units 3 & 4 subjects.

All students enrolled in one or more VCE or scored VCE VET Unit 3 and 4 sequences must sit ‘the GAT’ (VCAA General Achievement Test) as a VCAA requirement on Wednesday 14 June.

More detailed information on both the Year 11 June Exam period and the GAT is provided below.

Year 11 Exams: Wednesday 7 June – Friday 16 June

In just under a month, all Year 11 VCE students will be commencing their Semester One exam period. Please refer to the college website for PDFs on both the Year 11 Semester 1 Exam Timetable and the Exam Navigator, outlining the examination rules and student responsibilities:

For Year 11 students studying a Unit 3 & 4 subject, all Year 12 classes will continue to run during this exam period, except GAT day on Wednesday 14 June. ALL students undertaking a Unit 3 & 4 subject MUST sit the GAT on Wednesday 14 June and attend school at the normal morning time, however, students will be able to leave school after the conclusion of the GAT at 1.15pm. More detail about important GAT preparation sessions will occur during PACA and Curriculum-Pastoral-Careers (CPC) time in May.

Important Information for parents:

  • Exams must be completed at the set time and date scheduled.
  • Students with an exam clash will be advised of the exam and time of reschedule.
  • Students must sit in their allocated seats. A seating plan will be made available for students to view prior to the exam period.
  • Students have been issued the Exams Navigator document via email and also a hard copy in homeroom outlining the examination rules and student responsibilities. Students should read and be familiar with the content of this document.
  • Year 12 Classes will continue throughout (except GAT Day on Wednesday 14 June), where possible if students do not have an exam they should attend their Unit 3 & 4 Class. The priority for Year 11 students at this time is the Year 11 Exams.
  • Students are not required at school if they do not have an exam, however they are welcome to use the library for study and preparation.
  • If a student is sick or running late on the day of an exam, contact must be made with the school via email or phone 59760100. A doctor’s certificate should be provided for the absence and the exam(s) will be rescheduled.
  • Students should wear full school uniform for exams. They are encouraged to dress in layers for warmth as the temperature is likely to be cool in the gym in June.

Attached please find a copy of the Year 11 Exam Timetable. Students can also access a PDF file to print on the intranet and have access to hard copies from the Senior Campus Office. Students also have a copy of this on email and parents via CareMonkey. 

The GAT (VCAA General Achievement Test):  Wednesday 14 June

Year 11 and 12 VCE students will begin important preparations for ‘the GAT’ to be held at the College on Wednesday 14 June from 10am – 1.15pm, for all students enrolled in one or more VCE or scored VCE VET Unit 3 and 4 sequences.

Sessions will be conducted in PACA over the next three Tuesdays and during Curriculum-Pastoral-Careers (CPC) time on Monday 5 June Periods 5 & 6. This information will be presented to all current VCE students in both Year 11 & 12 and include sessions on the importance and structure of the GAT, sitting a trial for a component of the GAT – Writing Task One, multiple choice questions and a feedback and information session from a GAT assessor.

Important Information about GAT Day:

  • Students should attend homeroom and PACA as normal on GAT day to complete important sign in and materials check procedures.
  • Students are permitted to leave school at the conclusion of the GAT at 1.15pm.
  • Students must sit in their allocated seats. A seating plan will be made available for students to view prior to the GAT. Students should check the GAT noticeboard outside Mr Stone’s office for information relating to the GAT.
  • ALL VCAA rules apply for the GAT. These will be outlined in a brochure for students and reinforced in PACA and CPC time.
  • If a student is sick or running late on the day of the GAT, contact must be made with the school prior to the start of the GAT via email or phone 59760100. A doctor’s appointment should be made in the afternoon after the GAT as medical information will be required for VCAA documentation. 
  • Students should wear full school uniform for the GAT. They are encouraged to dress in layers for warmth as the temperature is likely to be cool in the gym in June.

The Victorian and Curriculum Assessment Authority will use students’ GAT scores as a basis for: contributing to statistical moderation of school-based assessment results, checking the accuracy of external assessment marking, calculating the Derived Examination Scores. For more information regarding the GAT refer to the VCAA website at

Elevate Study Skills Programs

It was very pleasing to see many Year 11 and 12 students attend the Elevate Education ‘Ace Your Exams’ Seminar held on Monday 1 May after school. The feedback was very positive with 100% of students commenting that this program was time well spent and that they would recommend the program.

The workshop focused on some practical strategies for preparing for exams including steps for preparation, tips on avoiding common pitfalls, the importance of practice questions and identifying weaknesses and correcting mistakes as well as success on exam day and in the exam room. All students have been emailed access to Elevate Education resources and should consider their exam planning early. 


From the Library – Learning Advisors @ the Library

Many students are using the Library facilities at the end of the school day with extended hours once again offered this year until 6pm Monday to Thursday and 4pm Friday.

During school time the Library would also like to launch an offer of Learning Advisors @ the Library as below:

Did you know that your Library is staffed by three experienced teachers with specialist research skills? We would love to help you with your work, by providing advice on:

  • Researching and referencing
  • Understanding your assessment and work requirements
  • Time and study management

Learning Advisors are available to all students using the Library during:

  • All FLEXI periods
  • Day 5 Periods 1 & 2
  • Day 7 Periods 1, 2, 5 & 6
  • Day 9 Periods 1 & 2
  • Day 10 Periods 1, 5 & 6


Look for us near the silent study area at these times. Get help. Study smarter. Improve your results. For all students.

Year 11 Application for Change of Subject Semester 2

Application forms will be available from Monday 15 May to Friday 19 May from the Senior Campus Office for any Year 11 student hoping to change a Units 1 & 2 subject for semester 2. There is NO GUARANTEE that these requests can be accommodated and students will be advised in writing if they have been successful or not during the Semester 1 Exam Period. The final date for applications for subject changes to be submitted is Friday 19 May at 3.30pm. Applications will not be considered after this date and student courses are considered final for Semester 2. Students should make sure the form has all signatures including student, parent and careers.

VCE students are encouraged to use the resources and support that is available to assist them throughout their VCE journey. Communication with subject teachers is important to navigate through this process as a valuable source of advice for success and overcoming challenges.

I wish students all the best at this busy time.

Belinda Taylor
VCE Curriculum Co-ordinator