Holocaust Centre Excursion

On Friday 28 April, four Year 9 classes attended The Jewish Holocaust Centre for an excursion that was crucial towards our Year 9 unit of the Holocaust. We had to gather as much information as possible as it would come in handy later on in the term. 

As we arrived, we assumed we would come across harsh imagery and passionate, strong sided information, and this was the case, effecting several students emotionally. We were shown a 15 minute short film regarding the suffering of the Jewish society, and learned that 6 million Jewish people were murdered over the period of the Holocaust. This shocked most students watching with us, as you could tell by the body language of students, leaving them stunned and disturbed by the war.

We were talked to about the human race, and the different cultures involved in this dreadful incident. How people were treated differently for cultural beliefs, skin tone and facial features. The students were taught that the Germans would treat Jews in a hateful way, calling them pests, rodents and other animal like slurs. 

We then headed downstairs towards the museum to observe valuables held by the centre. Our tours guides showed us around the museum giving facts and information about the Holocaust. The tour guide was open to any questions that needed to be answered. We were then left to browse the museum to discover the chilling past the Jewish civilization were witness to.

As our time at the Holocaust Centre would soon come to a close, our final segment was to meet a survivor of the Holocaust, to then be told their stories. The events they endured provides us with a crucial understanding of what had really happened in the war. There were 3 survivors we were able to talk to, all with their own personal stories of grief and horror. They told us about their time in concentration camps and all had their own personal message they would leave with us. 

Our time at the Jewish Holocaust Centre was an emotional experience, but in conclusion one that all Year 9 students were willing to partake in. We were taught the true understanding of the Holocaust, with willing proof from the brave survivors. We thank all who were involved in making this happen, as this incident is something the world should know about. 

By: Mason Brady and Mia Allison, Year 9