SIS Swimming Championships 2017

What a great day for the Padua College Swim Team!!!

A large group of over 100 swimmers from across all campuses met at 7.30 am to head to MSAC for the annual SIS Swimming Championships. After months of early morning training sessions, swim carnivals, team meetings and the annual swim camp, it was time to test ourselves on the big stage (or should that be the big pool)?

Each carnival is a new challenge with an enthusiastic group of swimmers keenly looking forward to representing the College after months of preparation. The carnival started off well with Padua winning five of the six medley relays thereby gaining many early points. In the individual events, our swimmers continued to perform superbly by placing in the top three in 59 of the 65 races (winning 26!!)

Senior swimmers, Roman Nestoriwskyj and Matt Faoro broke long standing SIS records and with the contributions of the other Year 12 swimmers: Kate Coverdale, Edward Church, Anna Gibbs, Natasha Zipkas, Sean Cummins and Caitlin Robinson, won both the senior pennants and the senior shield.

In the intermediate competition, brothers Declan and Bailey Cole swam beautifully as did Matt Jackson, Dylan Reagon, Tegan Dimitrakas, Bella Dean and Poppy Griffin. Padua was able to win all the pennants and the associated shield in this age division.

Our juniors encountered tough competition however with consistent efforts from Zac Johnson, Ella Fisher, Brooke Fisher, Tess Kenningham, Lachie Hodder, Sam Kennedy, Livy Batsch, Keely McCarthy and Gavin O'Reilly, they too were able to win the junior shield.

The carnival finished with the freestyle relays where valuable points can be won or lost. Here too, our swimmers continued to dominate, winning 8 of the 12 races.

It was a very rewarding day for our 2017 swimmers and a true reflection of the amount of time and effort that staff, parents and students have dedicated to the team.

In the end, Padua won 7 of the 12 age group pennants, the junior, intermediate and senior shields, the aggregate boys and aggregate girls’ shields and the Championship shield.

Padua has now won the Championship shield for 28 consecutive years (29 in 30...damn 1989!!!!) Still, an outstanding achievement!!!

Many thanks to Nathan Bradbury, Brad Byles, Nic Gleeson, Stacey Romeril, Mary Logan, Terry Luppino, Rachel Ball and Anna Whittaker for your dedication to the team.

Special thanks must go to our two coaches, Super Coach Colin Shugg and his protégée, Nicole Love for their outstanding contributions. Their expertise is greatly appreciated by all. Colin has been the Padua swim coach since 1987 whilst Nicole has been involved with her team since she was in Year 7 as a student!!

Thanks to our Year 12 Swimming Captains for their efforts over many years:  Anna Gibbs, Natasha Zipkas, Edward Church, Brodie Mccarthy, Sean Cummings, Kate Coverdale and Roman Nestoriskyj.

Finally, thanks to all the swimmers for their amazing efforts. No matter whether they are a squad swimmer, a relay swimmer or an emergency, they take great pride in being members of the Padua Swim team and this result is credit to them all.

Final Results:

Padua College                   772.5

St. Francis Xavier              626

Woodleigh School            583.5

Cornish College                 541

Balcombe Grammar        486

Berwick Grammar            311


Year 12 2017 Swimming Captains

Anna Gibbs, Natasha Zipkas, Edward Church, Brodie Mccarthy, Sean Cummings, Kate Coverdale and Roman Nestoriskyj

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