Padua Day

The whole Padua community came together on the Mornington Campus to celebrate Padua Day on Thursday 20 April. It was magnificent expression of our unity as a school community.
The day began with students and staff gathering in the hall for a celebration of mass which wonderfully expressed the Catholic identity of our school and of St Anthony as the patron of our community. Great thanks in particular to Fr Joel Peart from St Macartans Parish who presided, Mrs Tania Grace who organised the mass, the staff and students of the music department led by Mrs Gina Reimers and her Music in the Spirit class, and to all the students involved in the readings and processions. The respect shown by students during the celebration was exemplary.
We then headed out into the sunshine, and what a beautiful day St Anthony turned on for us! This was the first time that the concert became an outdoor event, and a backdrop to the many activities arranged by the different house groups. Money was raised for the House Social Justice projects across the school, and students had fun in the photo booth, handballing, hitting golf balls close to the pin, vortex throwing and many other activities. Further thanks are due to the House staff and students who ran the many activities and again to the Music department led by Mr Mark Mannock who managed to put on a 2½ hour concert, and timed it to the minute!
There were so many people lending their good will and talents, so can I acknowledge and thank all those who were involved in a very successful day of celebration, and one which will grow into the future.
The carnival part of the day will be handed over to the students in future years, and we will be working with the SSC and JSCs to make the day even more successful and enjoyable in the coming years.
We study and work in a wonderful school community, and it is marvellous to gather to celebrate together and to give thanks for the special blessing Padua is to so many.
Michael Harrison
Deputy Principal: Mission & Community