Trocaire Award Winners


Lauren Ranisavljev

Year 12 John XXIII

For being an outstanding role model for her peers.

Alexia Green

Year 9 Teresa

For her support of younger Rosebud students on the recent Padua Swim Camp.


 Ava Leppitsch                                         Amy Stewart                                       Nic Taylor

Year 7 Mannix                                         Year 7 Mannix                                  Year 7 Mannix

All three stopped to kindly offer assistance to Mr Virgona who was cleaning the Chapel windows, displaying true Padua Spirit and a great deal of maturity.

Angus Hough

Year 10 Romero

For his courage and thinking of others before himself.

Cailee Cronin

Year 10 Chisholm

For her continued support and dedication to working with her peers, particularly during House gatherings and events.

Kate Farquhar

Year 7 Goold

For her enthusiasm and commitment shown on the school Swim Camp.