Project Compassion: Caritas

On Tuesday 7 March, the Rosebud Campus held its annual coin line as a part of the Teresa House fundraiser. Each homeroom had a Project Compassion box from Caritas and was encouraged to bring in any spare change they had. The houses were split up during Pastoral Care and students weighed, counted and measured the line of money that each homeroom had raised. All the funds raised will be sent to Caritas and they will use it for their annual Project Compassion fundraising. This year the theme is “Love your Neighbour” and it is all about helping others build a better life over in the Philippines, Timor Leste, Vietnam, Fiji and even help our Indigenous Australians and these funds will be greatly appreciated. Thanks to all our families for being so generous with contributing towards Project Compassion.

By Olivia Cade, Outreach Leader for Teresa House