Deputy Principal's Report

Our most recent Curriculum, Pastoral and Careers session provided all Year 12 students with a range of experiences that are crucial in helping each student achieve their full potential. Past students returned as guest speakers to talk to the students about their journey from leaving Padua to where they are today. In what was an array of pathways, all guests followed their dream and left the students with another example of not settling for anything less than your best.

Our Wellbeing Team under the guidance of Prue Wheeler and Jane Fletcher provided a practical session on managing attention in the context of increased demands that Year 12 brings.

Finally Mrs Belinda Taylor delivered an informative session in relation to VCAA data analysis and ATAR ranking. This session outlined the importance of a consistent approach to the marathon that is Year 12. The knowledge that has been imparted on the students from such experts from within our College further supports the work by all teachers in the classroom.

Congratulations to the following Year 11 students who have been elected by their peers to represent them on the Senior School Council. To have so many students put themselves forward is a credit to them as individual and to the Senior School Council of previous years who set such a wonderful example. As a Year 11 and 12 campus, we all look forward to the programs and initiatives that will come from working with Ms Gina Goss over 2017.

Natasha Garner  Michael McBride            

  • Francis: Natasha Garner and Micheal McBride
  • John XXIII: Bethany Hansen and Matthew Steinbergs
  • MacKillop: Samantha Little and Ryleigh McSweeney-Tait
  • Mercy: Suzi Yaghmoor and Charley Kay 

This week the Year 12 students take time away from their studies in attending the Retreats. These Retreats are held in such regard by previous students who continually comment that they are a highlight of their time at Padua. Taking this time out of the academic program to focus on who they are as individuals, the wider community, their connection to family and the contribution they can have to the world outside Padua is part of the College Mission on educating and developing the whole person.

Our Year 11 students will be involved in the Peninsula based ‘Fit to Drive’ Program. This program is specifically tailored to Year 11 students across the peninsula to continue on from the Year 10 program of ‘Keys Please’ and is a foundation for the Year 12 ‘Teenagers Road Accident Group” program. Fit to Drive continues the ongoing education on what it is to be a responsible driver on our shared roads.

As always I encourage all parents to continue to be active members of the Padua community, engaging in conversation about what topics are being studied in class, keeping abreast of upcoming events and making contact with subject teachers as needed.


Curtis Stone
Vice Principal | Head of 11-12 Campus Mornington